5 tips to develop your child’s communication skills

1. Build language around your child’s interests: look at what makes your child happy and interested. This could be anything for example, water play, putting items into containers, playing chase, throwing a ball, blowing bubbles. When we meet a child at their interests this encourages more engagement and the opportunity to expand their communication skills. 

2. Keep it simple: use simple short language to comment on activities that your child enjoys and make sure to repeat these words for example- ‘juice’, ‘kick ball’, ‘go car’. 

3.Repeat, Repeat, Repeat- Repetition is key to helping a child to understand language and to develop their communication expression. Repeat the words you use. Repeat gestures e.g. high 5, fist bump. Repeat short daily e.g. encouraging the child to get their coat or spoon for a yoghurt.

4. Show and Move: Combine movement and showing your child when you are saying with the words, for example, ‘up’ and show physically placing a block on top of a tower, ‘splash’ as you throw a toy into a basin of water, ‘fast’ make a gesture with your hands to demonstrate the meaning of fast or drive a truck quickly while using the word, ‘coat on’ point to the coat and demonstrate to put the coat on.

5. Make it fun!! Think like a child! Make different faces and sounds. Move your body. Add music and rhythm! Show that communication is fun and can be anything that you want it to be!

If you feel overwhelmed at any point or would like to speak to one of our team you can head to our contact page to get in touch.

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